When strategy and design meet, your ideal audience is reached.

At Luminous Lines Creative we’ll combine your business passion with customized strategy and sophisticated design to create visuals that shine a light on the value you bring. 

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Is your brand in need of a refresh? Perhaps your website is a little tired, or your marketing collateral is dated and not resonating with your ideal client. We can fix that with a Design Day Intensive where you’ll receive custom design in a fraction of the time. This quick yet quality service allows you to book a dedicated day where we’ll be exclusively focussed on fulfilling the design wishlist for your business. 

Design Day Intensive Service

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Custom Brand + web design

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A strategically-designed brand identity and website has the power to help any small business achieve goals more efficiently. It's the well-engineered bridge that entices your ideal audience directly to your door.

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what most clients experience:

When it comes time to send out an impromptu newsletter, or maybe you have been asked to participate in a last minute event that requires branded artwork and bio copy, you either throw something together you aren’t happy with or spend too much time spinning your wheels with no clue where to start. Many times you might not end up sending out anything at all. 

You now have a customized toolbox filled with brand assets that will have you prepared for just about any opportunity that comes your way.

You just received a fresh inquiry from a lead who praised your work and asked for lower rates all in the same breath. You would love to stay firm, but worry when the next lead will come in don’t feel comfortable trying to justify your pricing

This is now a RARE occurrence since your brand and website oozes with the luxury and quality you provide and when it does happen, you have confidence justifying your worth

You’re tired of downloading quick design templates from online market places, just to find eight of your competitors using the exact same template

Your brand and website fits your business like a glove since it was custom designed and fitted for your needs.








"...it was like she took everything that represented my brand but I didn't quite know how to express and nailed it in her first attempt

"Julia was such a joy to work with! I left our initial consultation feeling so excited and inspired by the questions she was asking me re my brand and business. When she sent me the conceptual designs I was shocked; it was like she took everything that represented my brand but I didn't quite know how to express and nailed it in her first attempt. I felt like Julia really took the time to get to know and understand my brand so that everything she created for me was in line with my vision."

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