Great design has the power to create a vivid and memorable experience.

At Luminous Lines Creative we specialize in creating sought-after, luxury brands through a holistic approach to design that includes branding, web, photography, styling, content strategy and copywriting services.

a collection of



full service brand // web

The Strategy Studio

full service brand // web

clover PR

brand // web intensive

Kathleen Lin Design

full service brand design + web intensive

White Willow Bridal

" was like she took everything that represented my brand but I didn't quite know how to express and nailed it in her first attempt.”

christa rose

brand intensive // e-commerce

the Lolo Baby

brand intensive // blog design

Shelly Jacobs

case study coming soon

"She has helped create a standout suite of collatoral and unique brand materials that set us far apart from others in our space. "

alexandra spitz

full service rebrand

Resurface Group

brand + web refresh intensive

Created Lovely

case study coming soon

"...With my new brand identity from Julia, I was able to elevate myself above my surrounding competitors and charge more for my services without actually changing anything I was doing..." 

Stephanie | Owner of Steph Wilde Hair

Brand design

Christa Rose Floral


brand styling + Headshots

case study coming soon

It should have the branding
to reflect that 

As you browse through the Luminous Lines portfolio, it’s only natural you’ll begin picturing yourself and your business with a new, refreshed look; it’s an exciting part of the process! As you scroll and click - what I encourage you to keep in mind is this: You have a unique offering that only you have the power to bring to people. Your business deserves to be seen and heard and outstanding design can help you achieve that. Let's strategize and chat!

julia mattox

owner + lead designer