Heather Shane Photo is an amazing and unique fine art photography studio offering wedding and brand photography services to clients all over. After almost a decade of being in business, Heather discovered that she loved working with a very specific type of bride - one that love to stand out and push boundaries when it came to planning their big day. I worked to create a brand and website that evoked an edgy, fun and high end feel which in the end would attract clients who were ready to invest in their photography.

Heather Shane Photo

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from Heather

My branding and website design has totally impacted my customer experience. When someone comes to my website it reflects ME and my work so much that people can look at everything and make a decision. My branding and website have attracted my ideal clients, I have been able to raise my pricing because I am taken more seriously and able to showcase my work in a functional and very cool way, and I have been booking more clients. Branding is something that has totally changed the game for me. Not only has my branding helped me working with clients but also working with other peers in my industry. Investing in this area is the one thing I tell people to do when they ask for advice on how to get started. It has made such a huge difference for me.

Heather Shane

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